My Books & Where to Find Them

MIHH -6-7-2020

Martin the Mouse in a Haunted house – By Richard Ballo, Illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels

Get creeped out this Halloween as Martin crashes a costume party!

Follow the Princess on her quest to save Martin from a Vampire Bat! The Goblin thinks he’s gross. Frankenstein finds him frightening, and the Mummy comes unraveled. Creatures howl and the full moon rises!

Will Martin become a tasty treat, or will he surprise them all with his tricks? Join the party and see what goes bump in the night!

MISH 6-7-2020Martin the Mouse in Santa’s House – By Richard Ballo, illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels

Martin’s back, as the North Pole goes into a tailspin this Christmas Eve! Will he eat all the Christmas cookies? Will Rudolph panic? Will he ride in Santa’s sleigh, or be captured and turned into a present?

Join in the fun and find out if Martin escapes!

MIWH - 6-7-2020

A Mouse in the White House – By Richard Ballo, illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels

Get ready for a hilarious romp with a rambunctious rodent as he makes his way through the most famous house in history!

Catch a glimpse of the past in rooms that first families have called “home” for generations.

You might even discover a shocking secret in the famous Rose Garden!

These hardback picture books are all available at: Little Mouse Press (an imprint of Tolman Main Press). While you’re visiting, pick up your very own “Martin, the mouse” plush toy to accompany your book!

Martin Mouse.jpg


Max Cover Spread.jpg The Power of Me – By Gibson Maximillian Sabalos, illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels

Max is sure he’ll be a good addition to the soccer team until the ball keeps getting away from him!

For weeks he tries but fails to improve. Max is embarrassed, hurt, and about to give up when a new friend steps in to help.

Together they discover Max’s hidden strength, one that had been there all along.

The Power of Me is an inspiring debut 32-page picture book from a talented young author. It’s message is influential and encouraging for any child who is experiencing a personal struggle.

Click here to purchase your copy today!


jbm-front-cover_edited-2.jpgCrawfish Stew – By Jeani Moniotte, illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels.

That stew for sure is a grand prize winner, but it just might be somebody’s dinner!

An unexpected event draws Sammy away from his fishing spot and his lunch. One by one, the animals in the bayou wander by, tempted by the delicious aroma. Will everyone mind their manners and leave some crawfish stew for Sammy?

Rhyming, repetitive text and whimsical richly colored illustrations engage children as they consider the value of thinking of others as well as the consequences of thoughtless actions.

Click here to purchase your copy of this wonderful 32 – page Picture Book!


Front CoverThe Legend of the Eagle Feather – Best Friend Series, Book One – By Barbara J. Duell, illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels.

Set in the late 1700’s, in a tiny village nestled between the Great Smokey Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau (near present day Knoxville, Tennessee), readers are introduced to a young, crippled Cherokee indian named, “Sequoyah” (aka, “Button”).

Loosely based on the actual man who created the Cherokee system of writing, this fictional, illustrated Chapter Book gives it’s readers a personal view into the life and struggles of it’s hero. The exciting, action-packed story gives reason to why legends are carried down through generations!

Click here to purchase your copy today. Makes a great gift for boys who love adventure!


My Love-Cover

My Love – By Mahasin Salim and Illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels

There’s no sweeter way to lull your little one to sleep than with a loving, tender and heart-felt Picture Book!

From sunrise to sunset, a caring and thoughtful mother nurtures her child towards a greater understanding of the true meaning of love.

Set in the simplicity of chinese culture, this bedtime story gently chronicles a day full of joy, recapturing the warmth and pacing of the ever-popular classic, Goodnight Moon.

Click here to purchase your copy of My Love today!


DC-Cover Option 1

Robbin, The Girl Who Didn’t Want to Practice – By Dorothy W. Carey

This is an Early Reader Chapter Book, based on Robbin Gordon-Cartier, the nationally known harpist who has preformed at Carnegie Hall, the Alice Tully Hall in NYC, and on numerous television shows.

Everybody in Robbin’s family played a musical instrument. It was a family custom, and now it was time for Robbin to take music lessons. Robbin had other ideas. She didn’t want to play any instrument at all! Her mother said she would and Robbin was determined that she wouldn’t. Who would win?

This book has received wonderful reviews!

Click here to purchase your copy on


Cover for TAOPB

Me and My Hot Dog Pillow –By Alicia Minor and Illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels

Through the voice of a child, you will experience devotion, endearment and joy in a simple object of true affection.

Once upon a time, every child carried a favorite blanket, a stuffed toy or a huggable pillow everywhere they went. This gave them joy and a sense of personal comfort. Though we now live in a world full of techno-toys, children still want things to cherish and snuggle with. Colorful “hot dog pillows” have become the rage in Asia and the Philippines. Like an imaginary friend, the hot dog pillow is always there in times of bliss and sorrow!

Click here to purchase Me & My Hot Dog Pillow.


WMGC- Front Cover 9-6

When Mommy Got Cancer, Creating JOY Together – By Karen Garcia and Illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels –Published by Hibiscus Publishing

Karen Garcia, a beautiful actress and devoted mother, chronicled the diagnosis and survival of cancer as the most significant segment of her forty-two year and nine-months life journey. She leaves this book – a celebration of her life – as a gift to her daughter and to all who search for and open their hearts to the gift of JOY.

This book has received 3 national awards!

Click here to purchase When Mommy Got Cancer, Creating JOY Together


TIL-CoverThe Inner Light – Written by Henry Porada and Illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels – Published by Sleepytown Press

The Inner Light is a heart-warming story about a lively young boy, grieving the loss of his loving grandfather. Driven by a divine message and an unusual gift he receives, Jimmy begins searching for answers and comes to understand that no one is alone in their sorrow. It is something we all share, in one way or another. When the answer is revealed, Jimmy discovers the true nature of his grandfather’s life and his own role to play as the torch is passed from one generation to the next.

Click here to purchase The Inner Light.

Click here to purchase the Kindle version of

The Inner Light.


Lisa J. Michaels
Sweet Tomatoes, Poetry for Children – Written by Barbara Botch and Illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels
The author, Barbara Botch, feels that your life is only as special or sacred as you say it is. Therefore, one must find the joy in the everyday things in life. Whether planting a tree with your dad, stirring the batter for your birthday cake with your mom, or learning how to whistle, it’s easy to be happy if you love what you are doing.
Click here to purchase Sweet Tomatoes.
BF- Cover
Big Feats – Written by Jeff Botch and Illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels – Published by Sleepytown Press

Jeff Botch, a current sales professional, developed the “ASAP” model, which is an acronym that represents;

Attitude, Self Development, Action, and Persistence.

This model has been adapted from a sales tool to one that helps adults and children in every aspect of their lives.

Click here to purchase Big Feats.


JB Cover

I Want to be Just Like Jesus Too! – By Joan Johnson-Brewer and Illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels

In this debut Picture Book by the author, we are introduced to little “Shani”, a very thoughtful child who worries about people that do not appear to be as blessed as her own family.

Throughout each day, Shani finds ways to cope with and overcome situations, by allowing the teachings of Jesus to guide her.

Shani’s life is filled with affection and gratitude! It comes from her parents, goes out to her friends and family, and resonates in her personal relationship with Jesus.

May the gifts and understanding of this young child help to bring you closer to comprehending the power that has been lovingly bestowed on all of us…the ability to walk in his light!

Click here to purchase this book on


cfwm-cover.jpgCome Fish With Me – Written by Jim Baragar and Illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels

Written from the heart, this debut picture book from the author, Jim Baragar, tenderly expresses the bond between a father and his son.

It takes the reader on a colorful journey through life and all it’s seasons, while experiencing the joy that can be found in one of the simplest of pleasures, fishing.

Click here to purchase this book on

*****5 Star Reviews for Come Fish With Me!

“This is a tender hearted story of a Father’s love for his son and grandson. The theme is based around fishing and all the great moments that go with it. If you believe in love that lives forever and is shared through the generations with time, love, and God- then this sweet book of family and fishing is the book for you. It will be one story we keep in our family to pass down.” ~Casey R.

“What a heart-tugger! This book is so perfect for reading to grandkids, especially in a fishing family. It is so easy to read and in language easily understood by kids. Mr. Baragar put his heart and love into this book, and it is so evident.” ~KittyKat


Alphey Cover-coverAlphey Loves Letters – Written by Marty Flynn and Illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels

Click here to purchase Alphey Loves Letters in hard back with additional wrap-around sleeve cover.


Atlantic Publishing

How to Write and Publish a Successful Children’s Book – Written by Cynthia Reeser, Lisa J. Michaels (contributing author)

Click here to purchase this book in Kindle or paperback!

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